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Dr. Art Integrated Expressive Arts Therapy Program(EXA spec)

What is Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA spec)?

Most schooling and parental training are left-brain dominated! Letting the skills of the right brain, which controls visual-spatial concepts, creativity, mechanics and intuition, become lazy and under productive. Some children find it difficult keeping up in school because they may be right-brain dominant and have a tough time adjusting to left-brain skills. Since our schools emphasize left-brain skill testing, these children are consider “slower learners” and thy may be no less intelligent.

Dr. Art uses right-brain multi-arts approach, integrating different therapeutic arts processes including language, painting, sculpture, sand-box, play, music, poetry and prose into counselling and educational sessions as appropriate to a particular client or issue. Our goal is to achieve free from obstacles that limit one’s potential in a nurturing environment.

Why should I join EXA spec?

  • can provide a non-threatening avenue to involve clients in the therapeutic process.
  • can loosen rigidity and encourage age-appropriate risk taking.
  • can allow for the ventilation and the working through of overwhelming feelings.
  • can help unlock experiences and facilitate the healing of painful issues.
  • can circumvent verbal manipulation and get to the source of the problem quicker.
  • can confront and reduce denial by providing a tangible record do feelings and thoughts.
  • can help with problem solving, decision-making and improving judgment making skills.

Who should join EXA spec?

Anyone, especially with special needs.

How many levels in EXA spec?
Level 1: 0~6 yrs; Level 2: 7~ 15 yrs; Level 3: Teenage; Level 4: Adulthood

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