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Clinical Psychotherapy

Holistic Assessment

Most schooling and parental training are left-brain dominated! Letting the skills of the right brain, which controls visual-spatial concepts, creativity, mechanics and intuition, become lazy and under productive. Some children find it difficult keeping up in school because they may be right-brain dominant and have a tough time adjusting to left-brain skills. Dr. Art holistic assessment takes care our left and right brain learning style, family dynamic, emotion and mental health issues.

Art Psychotherapy / Brief Therapy & Psychotherapy

Brief Therapy is an approach to counselling that is brief and effective. It brings about lasting change on average in less than 5 sessions. It can be brief because it is future-focused and because it works with strengths of those who come by making the best use of their resources,
Psychotherapy is an approach to counselling that is long term and in depth. It can trace back to childhood trauma and recover the unconscious and subconscious thinking and emotion.

Family and Children Counselling

Dr. Art can help your family to resolve the following problems through arts therapy with family dynamic theories.

Case Testimony

Life is a Comma, not a Full Stop

Lan Feng birthday just celebrated her 17 years of age. She felt despair of life and has suicidal thoughts! She would like a perfect way to pursue the meaning of life. In spite of her highly artistic talent, she looks down on her own artworks. Strive for perfection, but also feel inferior. Immersed in the illusion of perfectionism, she put tremendous pressure on herself, often in fear, the feeling of being watched every move.

Through many months of treatment, Lan Feng passed the entrance examination of most famous institute. Before she went to study, she painted a piece of thought-provoking paintings. I found her lovely description:

"Life is not a full stop, is a comma. This comma can be watched from both sides. This comma is composed with black, grey and white composition. Black is a dark side of life's hardships, white is a dream, grey areas is a bridge from pain to dream. She turns around the comma and has another point of view: the white tail becomes to rise, and fly of navigation through the grey to the dream. It is continuously extended and prosperous. "

This is perfect!

Connection with Heart

Young Kati was pregnant and got birth Zhiming in her golden youth (15 years). Her mind has not matured. She does not understand the process occurs, she should bear the responsibility of the mother. Kati has a sense of distance with her baby. Kati did not establish a healthy intimate relationship with her mother. When she faced the child's needs and care, she was panic and depressed.
Zhi-ming does not know how to speak and was diagnosed with "autism."

Kati and Zhiming received four months therapy, "the expression of art therapy", sometimes individual counseling, sometimes mother and child together. Although zhiming has some "autistic" symptoms, but his situation is a result of the growth environment and affected by the mother's depressed moods.

Clay was used and became the dialogue between the mother and child, a small giraffe mother and giraffe associated with heart, sustains untold feelings. Zhiming learns words to express his emotions and feelings

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