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Who should join EXA spec; EXA; MI program?

Kindergartens, Preschools, Tuitor Schools, Churches, Coaching, Art Classes, Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Mental Health Workers….

Why should I join?

  • International Curriculum
  • Enough support and advices
  • Ethical and Effective

Enquiry :


HK Tel : 619-88-3436517 0910

Canada Tel : 604-723-1998

First Dr. Art Expressive Arts Studio

1998 Richmond British Columbia Canada
Transition House for Domestic violence

2003 Richmond British Columbia Canada
Children Who Witnessed/ Experienced Abuse Program


New Training Site:

2010 China Town, British Columbia Canada
Strathcona Community Center, Early Childhood Cap C Program

Staffs respond :

I enjoyed getting the theoretical background. I would have liked to do more games/ exercises to. It will be good to continue the learning and set up more programs for the parents and kids.
Gaye Ferguson

We love you very much Dr. Art. The best workshop I ever have. A lot of fun, a lot of energy and a lot of loves. I wish, we will have class again.

The cultural prespective was very useful. Disscusion after lots of info would be more helpful.

Anna Ma

Enjoyed the practical part very much
I hope there would be more pictures
The sharing/ case study helped with understanding
Enjoyed the laughter and ease atmosphere very much

It is an interesting course with lots of interaction between the facilitator and participants. During the sessions, we have lot of discussion and sharing. There are some hand-on experiences which made learning effective and create lively atmoshphere. I wish to learn more about art therapy.

Good ! lots of information. Fun, thought arts and games got ways to work with children. Helped us to look at things and people different than before. More training.

The car painting and clay modeling were fun. More practical activities will make the workshop more fun and memorable.

Ivy Ho

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I enjoy the right/left brain learning. I hope to learn more about assessment, so I can identify dysfuntion behavior and make referral as needed.

Juliana Han

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