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Professional Training

Dr. Lau, Sze-oi draws from her 25 years studies and clinical art psychotherapy experience, develops an intensive and practical curriculum. Training combines elements of multiple disciplines: General Psychology, Arts Therapy, Creative Theory, Aesthetic Theory, Western and Eastern Philosophy. Students learn skills through experiential learning and practical application in daily life situations. Clinical arts psychotherapists work in different mental health settings, such as, hospitals, nursing home, special schools, social agents…etc. Some therapists become a life coach, leadership trainers, and creative consultants in business world. The work is challenging and rewarding. Taking this training, you can deeply understand about the self, your position between heaven and earth. Chinese proverb says “Knowing the self and knowing others; you win the life."

The diploma also aims to prepare: 1) Students to be a passionate and competence arts psychotherapist for general public. Are you self-motivated with great work ethic? Are you ready to do what you love for a living? 2) Assist students to set up a profitable Expressive Arts & Therapy Studio step by step in their area. Conditions and supervision are required.


Level One

Model 1 Psychology of Western & Eastern Art
Model 2 The World Views
Model 3 Clinical Skills
Model 4 DSM 4 & 5 & Art Psychotherapy
Model 5 Case Study

Level Two

Model 1 Arts Therapy & Self Transformative Theory
Model 2 Age 0 ~ 12 Mental Health Issues and Art Therapy
Model 3 Teenage ~ Adulthood Mental Health Issues
Model 4 Arts Therapy & Family Therapy
Model 5 Case Study

Curriculum Highlight

100 hrs case study and supervision is required Students can participate supervision and discussion in healing circles through internet devises.

(Fee condition and qualification apply)

Psychology of Arts Society

1. Aims and objectives:
1.1.1 promote and focus on art and mental health services. These include: Visual art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, Sandplay therapy ... and so on.
1.1.2 promote social awareness of and support the professional interests of arts and psychology.
1.1.3 develop professional qualifications and ethics behavior of arts psychotherapist

Enquiry: 604-723-1998 (Canada)
Fluent in English, Chinese & Japanese

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